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You Cannot Get Output If You Don’t Give Input

The title is a nice quote from my teacher which I have heard just an hour before I wrote this article. Teacher? Yes, teacher. This evening I had just attend an IELTS class near by my house after work.

Todays materi was “How to make an essay” based on IELTS : Writing Section. After 2 hours filled with provision of materi and related discussion, the last an hour, off course, became the closing. My teacher asked us to raise our frequency of practicing. These were some he said.

IELTS is a proficiency test. What is proficiency? It means ability.
What I would give along the course, cannot raise your ability from 7 to 9, only up to 7.5. Because it depends on your practices.

You cannot get output if you don’t give input

You cannot be good at writing if you don’t do reading
You cannot be good at speaking if you don’t do listening

Then he explained the logics.

There were similar quotes from authors, academics, and many professionals out there but surely this is the first time I got the logics of those quotes.

How could reading leads you being good at writing? Simple. Practice reading
1. Enriches your vocabularies
2. Make you understand proper grammars
3. Giving you examples of elaborations
4. Giving you ways to coherence each sentences

How could listening leads you being good at speaking? Simple. Practice listening
1. Giving you example how to pronounce words
2. Giving you example ways of deliver ideas

He added, “…although may you will only imitate the style of both writing and speaking, but at least you know how to write and how to speak.”

I know maybe when mas/jeng read this article, mas/jeng would say ‘mmm…just that?’ Yeah but when my teacher explained those things, I just got amazed. I cannot remember all the words he said but those were very interesting, if mas/jeng were there. I’m happy for attending this class 😀

Well, input just as the same as output. Let’s more practice!

Source: esol.britishcouncil.org
Source: esol.britishcouncil.org

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