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Big G in “Life of Pi” Movie

This writing tells you about my interpretation of “Life of Pi” movie. Since I wrote this writing, I haven’t read any synopsis, resume or other writing about “Life of Pi” movie, also read the book, so this writing is original and if there’s any differences hope you understand. Enjoy my review!

Life of Pi poster


The movie began when a novelist wants to write a story. He was recommended by his friend to coming towards a guy named Piscine Patel, usually called Pi, now living in Canada. His friend assure that Pi can give him a stunning life story. So the movie started with the dialogue between Pi and the novelist.

Pi began telling the novelist about his story, started when he was a child. His family made a zoo bussines but one day they should move to Canada to overcome the economics situation of the family. They went by a ship and brought all the animals. In midnight, storm had attacked the ship until cracked and sank. Nobody could be saved except Pi and some of the animals: a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, a zebra, a hyena, and an orangutan. Even none of Pi family.

They five casted away in the middle of Ocean Pacific, until the hyena began hungry and eat the zebra and orangutan. Richard Parker got angry and attacked the hyena. Finally, only Pi and Richard Parker stayed in the lifeboat. They spend long days together in the ocean and had many adventure experiences to survive alive until finally the lifeboat landed in the coast of Mexico.

Pi had no strength to keep his consciousness exist. He fainted. But before, he had an opportunity seeing Richard Parker, whom never got any opportunities living in the real wildlife, walked weakly into the forest near the edge. Richard Parker leaved him without looking back at Pi and never say goodbye.

After his consciousness exist, Pi had treated then he was asked by two Japanese journalists whom wants to get information about how the ship sank. Pi told them the story between him and Richard Parker but the journalists don’t believe. So Pi told them another story about the survival of ship passenger’s in the ocean, include her mother, a cheef, and other Chinese passenger. The journalists giving no comment.

Spiritual Story

If you read the synopsis above, then why do people said it is a movie presents spirituality? Your questione will be answered in almost the end of the movie scene. The whole story deliveres us  to a conclusion which represented by this dialogue.

After telling the two kind of story to the novelist, Pi asked him.

“So, which do you prefer, the abstract or the more real story?”

The novelist answer, “Story with the tiger.”

Pi said, “and so it goes with God.”

Based on the dialogue, I think the main moral-spirituality-story the movie wants to tell us :

It is a freedom for having faith to anyone. Indeed, God never always being acceptable by our sense.

Kebebasan bagi siapapun untuk berTuhan. Dan memang, keberadaan Tuhan memang tidak selalu dapat diterima oleh akal sehat.


Any Moral Story of the Scenes

Beside the conclusion about spirituality, some of the scenes in the movie are really impressing therefore it gives us some moral story. Like this one,

I must say a word about fear. It is life’s only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life… so you must fight it bla bla bla…” (hahaha sorry I can’t remember the real monologue). The monologue appears when Pi decided that he should ‘becoming friend’ in the same lifeboat with Richard Parker. Because if it wasn’t, he just would be end as Richard Parker’s prey.

scene Life of Pi 1

May the simpler one is: If we want to stay alive, anything that hinder us from staying alive should be removed. Just accept our live and living with it.

And also the dialogue,

Life is an act of letting go. But what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” Pi underwent it 2 times: when he had to move to Canada but never say goodbye to Anandi the girlfriend, and when Richard Parker leaved him in the end of the story.


A Stunning Visual

One of the powerful session in the movie is the scenery and visual effects of the scenes. Indeed, Ang Lee (the director) never disappointed in giving angles-angles of visual that freak you out. Some of the scenes like :

  1. Pi go under the surface of the ocean and seeing the ship sink
  2. the lifeboat cast away in the widely ocean at the night under the sky
  3. imagination of Richard Parker and Pi about universe inside the ocean
  4. etc

scene Life of Pi 2

scene Life of Pi 3

LOP-068 Pi Patel takes in the bioluminescent wonders of the sea.

The scenes giving wonderful scenery, besides it stories itself, so that it’s better to enjoy the movie in 3D.




Last, I only want to write that Ang Lee did it again on his movie!!!


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